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BondingComforter™ - Handsfree Baby Carrier

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Free Your Hands & Save Your Back

Bonding Comforter™ - your ultimate parenting assistant that offers the perfect combination of comfort and practicality. It's designed to provide you and your little one with a gentle and comforting touch that will make bonding moments a lot more special. Whether you're cooking dinner or tidying up, our BondingComforter™ will allow you to snuggle with your baby and still be hands-free.

Supports natural carrying positions

Our BondingComforter™ supports different natural carrying positions. It enables front carry-legs out, side hip carry, cradle/nursing, newborn womb pouch, and skin-to-skin precious moments. It's made of soft, supple, and luxurious fabric, which doesn't require any adjustments with straps, buckles, ties, velcro, rings, snaps, or extra fabric. Love and comfort moments are guaranteed!

High quality material

The fabric is a blend of organic cotton and lycra, which provides strength, high elasticity, and gentle squish to mimic the womb.

BondingComforter™ is a one-piece, multi-functional parenting tool that will enhance your bond with your child. It's hypoallergenic, child-safe, soft, and breathable. The bounce-back effect after repeated stretching and the feather-like touch are provided by the material blend. It creates a feeling of "I can't wait to hug you." It's machine washable in cold water and can be laid flat or hung to dry.

Order now and start creating beautiful special moments with your child while still allowing you to attend to your daily activities.


We love our BondingComforter™ and believe that you will too! To demonstrate our confidence, we are providing a Risk-Free Trial for 30 days. If you or your child do not fall in love with our BondingComforter™, we will gladly provide a refund.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Rose S.

Great Product.

Kristin H.

Great! Very comforting my baby fell right asleep especially when she had colic

Jennifer A.

Great product! Super well made and the material feels soft and cool.

Kimberly N.

Got mine today, baby LOVES it

Amanda O.

Love it 😍😍😍 Very comfortable and stretchy !