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ArtRoll™ - Cuttable drawing roll

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Say goodbye to endless screen time

Is your child always glued to their smartphone, tablet, or TV? According to experts, children who spend a lot of time on these devices perform worse in school. Their attention span decreases, they struggle to concentrate, and they may even develop learning disabilities.

Put an end to this with our ArtRoll™ ! It promotes creativity and cognitive skills in children, and its fun and playful designs ensure that your child will never get bored.

Our ArtRoll™  is an excellent educational tool that helps children develop important cognitive skills and a love for learning.

Why our customers love the ArtRoll™

 Hours of entertainment: Once your child starts drawing, they won't be able to stop. The unique and playful designs make it so enjoyable for kids that they can spend hours drawing.

 Less screen time: This is sure to become your child's new favorite activity! It also directly reduces screen time because they'll choose to draw with the Zeichenrolle™ instead.

 Promotes development: Perfect for fostering children's imagination and curiosity about the world around them.


Suitable as a wall decal

Can also be used as a wall decal: You can easily peel off the back of our ArtRoll™  and stick it to the wall. The ArtRoll™ is easy to apply and remove, and it won't let any color seep through. You can place it on the wall, table, or floor for comfortable use.

So what are you waiting for? Get our ArtRoll™ now and let your child discover the joy of learning and creative thinking!