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CrazyRide Extra Tracks

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More length means even more fun

Introducing our exciting new addition to the Crazy Ride collection: Extra Tracks for an extended adventure! Now you can take your adrenaline-pumping journey to the next level by easily extending the track with these additional rails, available in various sizes to suit your preferences. Choose from the following options:

  1. 2.2m: Double the fun with a thrilling 2.2 meters of additional track length. Feel the rush as you conquer new twists and loops in your Crazy Ride.

  2. 3.3m: Take your adventure to the next level with an exhilarating 3.3 meters of extended track. More loops, more speed, more excitement—get ready for a wild ride!

  3. 4.4m: Amp up the adrenaline with an impressive 4.4 meters of extra track. Experience a longer, heart-pounding journey full of unexpected twists and turns.

  4. 8.8m: Prepare for the ultimate thrill! With a massive 8.8 meters of additional track, you'll enjoy an unforgettable, action-packed Crazy Ride that will leave you craving more.

Please note that the extra tracks will be delivered in a random color.

Get ready to customize and create your dream ride with these extra tracks. Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your Crazy Ride experience and keep the adventure going. Order now and embark on the rollercoaster of a lifetime!